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At Invictus we believe that horses need a lot of light, which creates a natural and peaceful surrounding.
Therefore we offer every horse a large and bright stable. During the day, the horses will spent as much time outside as possible. With 10 acres of pasture, there is always enough space for your horse.


Invictus offers two professional arenas with a high quality sandy soil, which ensures that the legs of the horse do not unnecessarily get forced too much. One arena is 20 times 40 meters, the second one is 25 times 70 meters. These two arenas provide enough space for your horse to optimize training. There are obstacles which can be used to optimize jumping techniques, or simply to make trainings more diverse.

Horse walker

Our horse walker provides horses with the possibility to move, without a rider. De horse walker offers several conditions or ‘’ranks’’, which enables your horse to train in different ways. The horse walker might also be a great warming up or cooling down for your horse!


Invictus offers a surcingle to train your horse without putting pressure in its back. This is considered to be a safe surrounding to train the more younger horses.

Personal lockers

At Invictus we understand how important personal belongings are for a client. We offer boxes in which personal belongings can be stored during any stay.